Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia and one of the most visited. Medellin waits for you to enjoy its 18 º C to 28 º C all year round, surrounded by majestic mountains and the cool breeze of the countryside. The city has attractive tropical weather conditions determined by its latitude near the equator, altitude above sea level and privileged location in the Andes Range which makes Medellin’s climate and vegetation unique in all seasons.

Between December and January, a great number of foreign tourists travel to Colombia and particularly Medellin to see the famous “Christmas lights”, which displays varied multicolored figures and the joy that exists at this time of the year in the whole country.


Medellin is also known as “The City of Eternal Spring”, is a paradise just in front of your eyes with the colorfuland charming flowers that you can see during 365 days a year. Between late July and early August, Medellin celebrates one of the most recognized festivals worldwide. “Festival of the Flowers”, offers a carnival atmosphere over 10 days that floods the streets of Medellin. This festival, which began in 1957 with a simple sample of work from a few farmers of the neighboring village of Santa Elena, now is considered a cultural event in which there are almost a hundred events dedicated to family and fun with interesting cultural showcases. The highlights are “The Silleteros Parade”, which gave origin to this festival and has been completed by “The Parade of Classic and Antique Cars”, “The Cabalgata (Horse Ride)”, folklore contests, among others.


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Medellin offers many other opportunitiesto get to know its culture, history and technology. Below is a listing of the most recognized and visited places in the city.

Significant component of the history of Medellin, also regarded as the center of the city.It is located in the area of the Candelaria Church, theMedellin’s Stock Trade Center, Berrio’s Park metro station and the “Banco de la Republica (Bank of the Republic) building”.

Historical center surrounded by buildings of great architectural value, including The Lido theater, Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral and sculpture of The Libertador (Indecency Leader) Simon Bolivar. This place is visited especially on Sundays, when the symphonic band of the University of Antioquia serves as host in the traditional park’s Retreta.

One of the most modern icons of the city. Its attractiveness is due to the high degree of automation and its innovative and functional architectural design. It is also surrounded by pleasant spaces for the enjoyment of its residents and visitors.

This beautiful urban setting is made mainly of The Zen Garden, Guaduas Forest, Park of Sand andfountains. It is a space intended for the enjoyment of feet and spiritual rest of its visitors. Located between the Plaza Mayor and the Intelligent Building, this park has restaurants, magazine stands, Internet rooms and a large square where big shows are performed at different times of year.

Now known as the Park of the Light, is one of the most beloved public spaces by the Paisas (name that is also given to people from Medellin). It has 300 light poles, 2,100 and 170 spotlights lamps transforming the park in a modern and striking place. Previously, Cisneros Square was the most importantmarket of Medellínin the twentieth century.

Outstanding building that preserves the history and progress of Antioquia. The central courtyard displays a beautiful old steam engine and other public facilities and private houses include banks, temporary exhibition halls, catering services and outdoor cafe.

Is the largest project of scientific dissemination and promotion of Medellin. Its main halls include Life Physics, Life Connection, Digital Territory, Kids Room, Colombia Geo-diverse and the Open Room. This park offers visitors the opportunity to experiment and learn about nature issues, biology, the human body and ecology while having fun. One of its main attractions is the recent aquarium “Amazon Flooded Forest”, considered the largest aquarium in South America.

Outdoor museum and exhibition space containing the most admired works made in Colombia by sculptor and painter Fernando Botero. This park-museum, due to its appropriate distribution has become the ideal place to capture memories of this beautiful city.

Beautiful avenue of huge and stunning architectural beauty, full of shopping malls, business buildings and restaurants. Can be traveled by car, but it is worth taking a walk also because touristic offering is rich there.

Space dedicated to research, conservation and dissemination in the field of modern and contemporary art and cultural development of the city.

Medellin largest museum and one of the best known of Colombia. It was the first in the department of Antioquia and the second in the country. Its collections lie at the heart of Medellin, in front of Botero’s Square, near the metro station at Berrio’s Park.

A typical representation of people of Antioquia of the early twentieth century. It was built on the top ofNutibara Hill, whose height is about 80 meters. The main buildings that make up the Pueblito Paisa are: The chapel, The School, City Hall, Tobacconist, Barber Shop, the Pharmacy, the Two Floors House andhandcraft shops. A real delight that deserves to becaptured in a photograph and be taken in a suitcase represented by the bestsouvenirs of a lovely town.

North of the city, within the metropolitan area. Nine pools, including a waves pool, 15 slides, the slow river of 700 meters and the ecological path of 20 hectares, are all part of the attractions offered in the Waters Park. It is located at kilometer 23 of the highway north of the city, between the towns of Girardota and Barbosa.

The Botanical Garden of Medellin and its Orquideorama is a huge palace of orchids considered the focal point and heart of the renewal of the Botanical Garden, are the very heart of the most beautiful orchids in the world.

Public space, in the midst of a playful ground, aims to educate and familiarize visitors with public services and the universe, strange as it may seem. This interesting place awakes in those who visit it, a cultural vocation emphasizing the importance of the environment, education and innovation.

Most important fashion show, which takes place from 27 to 29 July in the Plaza Mayor of Medellin. This great event annually attracts more people interested in nationalfabrics since it counts with participation of major companies, international guests and the best of Colombian fashion talent. It is an event that provokes great interest in companies around the world. It is simply an excellent space to trade with European and South American companies; for example, Medellin produces licensed brands such as Diesel, Fiorucci, Americanino, NafNaf, Esprit, Chevignon, Levis,Girbaud and Used Jeans Company.

Medellin is able to take you on a journey of handcraft to the latest trends and styles. Flowers and handcrafts are the reference of Pueblito Paisa and La Playa Avenue, variety of handcrafts shops like roses of the best quality and the best price, all outdoors. But if what your preference is high fashion and the best brands, malls El Tesoro (the Treasury), Monterey, Unicentro, Obelisk and Santa Fe Mall, give you the ability to find everything in one place, along with restaurants, cinemas and bars.

Is as varied as musical categories. It offers Rock, Salsa, Vallenato, Cross Over, Bolero, Tango, and contemporary electronic music elsewhere contrasted with traditional music and cord instruments such as triple and guitars. Old-style music styles stubbornly preserved, and contemporary music are limitless, offering unique and modern proposals advanced even to the time. In Medellinthere is the largest club in Latin America, called Palmahía, located on the Avenida Regional (Regional Avenue).

Lleras Park, a very small square, is a place of great affluence for young and old, nationals and foreign, especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as has a wide range of specialized and international restaurants with exquisite portfolio of dining, nightclubs, bars and cafes of the highest quality and parking.


The main transport systems are the Medellin Metro and Metrocable. The first three lines: one that crosses the Aburrá Valley, one that goes from downtown Medellin westward and a third that goes to the north-eastern districts.

The Metro transport users quickly and safely to almost all the tourist attractions, and when the site you are about to visit is at considerable distance from the Metro station, taxi fares are generally low $ 4,200 pesos (approx 2 $US dollars). A single Metro ticket is $ 1,550 pesos (0.7 $US dollars), and also covers the use of the Metrocables service. The civic card is the cheapest option. Themetrocable, is a transport system similar to a cable car that ascends the steep hills of northeast. This system is fully integrated to the metro.

Medellin also has tourist taxis and public service interdepartmental and inter-urban. The latter offers service of buses and minibuses covering the entire city and provide services to locations not accessible by Metro.

On the other hand, there is a special transportation service that covers circular routes to several shopping centers, schools, hospitals and hotels. Also, there is an only-tourist bus, whose operation and itinerary can be found at the information and touristic points for visitors.

Safetyin taxis

Taking a taxi on the street is not usually a problem, but you should be careful to avoid inconveniences. Therefore, it is important to consider the following recommendations:

Each taxi must show in a visible place driver’s information, sheet and rates. Also be sure that the taxi meter is running as this indicates the total amount you should pay.

If you have a phone nearby, order the service by calling a reliable taxi company so that it sends you a safe driver and vehicle.

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