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Transportation to and from the airport
Destinos y Vuelos
Transportation information to and from the airport. Click here

Transportation information to and from the airport

The airport is located in the region of Rionegro to 29 km (18 miles) southeast of the center of the city of Medellin.

Buses, minibuses and taxis connect the airport to different parts of the metropolitan area of Medellin. The average journey to the center is 40 minutes.

Taxi service can be requested by phone at no additional cost. These are equipped with meters that tell you to pay the fare. The approximate cost for the trip airport / city center Medellin is $ 54,000 pesos ($ 30).

JOSE MARIA CORDOVA Airport Transport Rates

ROUTE: Airport – Medellín and vice versa

VEHICULE TYPE: Taxi RATE: $ 54.000 - One way

VEHICULE TYPE: Bus RATE: $12.000 - per passenger

For more information on routes and rates click here

At the airport
Information on the airport. Click here

At the airport

The airport has restaurants, cafes and bars. It also has a local shopping area with duty free shops (duty free) and sales of souvenirs. Inside the airport are banking institutions, automated teller machines (ATM), currency exchange houses, VIP lounge, public telephones and WiFi Internet access.

Outside the main building has a parking lot with a capacity of approximately 300 vehicles and an area for motorcycles(Book your parking here). There are spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

The airport also provides first aid services 24 hours and amenities for people with disabilities. For passengers who need special care such as wheelchair, among others, is recommended prior coordination with the airline or travel agent.

Services at the airport

Boarding Bridges: For the convenience of our passengers the airport Jose Maria Cordova has 11 high technology boarding bridges.

Waiting rooms: Comfortable and spacious rooms that passengers enjoy while waiting for flights.

Escalators, elevators and ramps: For better access of passengers and visitors, escalators and ramps are available.

Services for people with disabilities: In compliance with Colombian airport regulations people with disabilities will find in our airport services and facilities such as ramps, special telephones, utilities, etc..

Public Transport: Airport taxis and minibuses authorized by the Ministry of Transport of Colombia are available for passengers.

Parking: Outside the main building has a parking lot (Book your parking here) with an approximate capacity of 300 vehicles and an area for motorcycles. There are spaces reserved for the disabled.

Airport hours

  • The José María Córdova International Airport operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • The schedule of national and international Docks operate 24 hours a day
  • The firehouse schedule is 24 hours a day
  • Companies for the supply of fuel. 24 hours
  • Inspection of persons, goods, cargo and mail. 24 hours
Cars rental
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Car Rental

Start your holiday as comfortable as possible with cheap car rental in Medellin.

Thanks to cheap car rental in Medellin airport, you can access the most beautiful parts of the city and its surroundings.

Information about car rental agencies at the airport:

  • Avis Local 10 – International Arrivals Area Tel: +57(4) 536 0226
  • Dollar Local 8 - International Arrivals Area
  • Hertz Local 9 - International Arrivals Area
  • Executive Local 12 - International Arrivals Area Tel: +57(4)562 6321
  • Localiza Local 11 -International Arrivals Area . Tel: +57(4)268 2553
  • Mina Servicios Ltda- Local 18ª. Tel: +57(4) 536 9190
  • Transportes Montoya S.A - Local 18B
Security at the airport. Click here

Security when traveling

The José MaríaCórdova International Airport has in operation CCTV. In case of loss or damage in the whole or in part of checked baggage, please refer to airline with the luggage ticket or the information desk.

When traveling with children have identification documents on hand when the airport authorities request them. For your safety do not buy anything for no authorized stores within the terminal,do not receive food or drink from strangers, refrain from buying airline tickets to people who do not belong to the airlines, buy your ticket directly from the airlines or travel agencies.

Recommendations for your trip:

Remember to provide your email to your airline when booking your flight to receive notifications regarding changes in your itinerary such as delays, cancellations and gate changes.

Check the status of your flight to check and confirm departure and arrival.

Close your luggage properly, mark them with updated information and remove tags from previous trips.

Your documents, valuables or fragile items carry them in your hand luggage.

Once checked-in identify your boarding gate and enter in a timely manner. Should enter the departure gate 30 minutes before your flights scheduled for international flights departures and 20 minutes before domestic flights departures, or your seat will be canceled.

Follow the instructions on the use of technology like cellular or satellite phones, radio transmitters or portable receivers, computers and other equipment that may interfere with communication and navigation of the aircraft.

Passport and visas required for your trip depending on destination.

Check our list of items not allowed or restricted.

  • Firearms and weapons in general.
  • Chemicals and toxic substances.
  • Explosives and flammable substances.
  • Blunt instruments.
  • Weapons or sharp objects or edges.
  • Liquids and gels (remember to check with the airline liquids and amounts they are allowed to carry)..

Must get to the airport with plenty of time to check-in and take your flight. For domestic flights should arrive two hours in advance for international flights and, three hours.

Heed the instructions of the service agents, since there may be last minute changes to your itinerary, departure gates etc. Follow the instructions on the use of technology like cellular or satellite phones, radio transmitters or portable receivers, computers and other equipment that may interfere with communication and navigation of the aircraft.