The airport has restaurants, cafes and bars. It also has a local shopping area with duty free shops (duty free) and sales of souvenirs. Inside the airport are banking institutions, automated teller machines (ATM), currency exchange houses, VIP lounge, public telephones and WiFi Internet access.

Outside the main building has a parking lot with a capacity of approximately 300 vehicles and an area for motorcycles(Book your parking here). There are spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

The airport also provides first aid services 24 hours and amenities for people with disabilities. For passengers who need special care such as wheelchair, among others, is recommended prior coordination with the airline or travel agent.


bridgeBoarding Bridges

For the convenience of our passengers the airport Jose Maria Cordova has 11 high technology boarding bridges.

bridgeWaiting rooms

Comfortable and spacious rooms that passengers enjoy while waiting for flights.

bridgeEscalators, elevators and ramps

For better access of passengers and visitors, escalators and ramps are available.

bridgeServices for people with disabilities

In compliance with Colombian airport regulations people with disabilities will find in our airport services and facilities such as ramps, special telephones, utilities, etc.

bridgePublic Transport

Airport taxis and minibuses authorized by the Ministry of Transport of Colombia are available for passengers.


Outside the main building has a parking lot (Book your parking here) with an approximate capacity of 300 vehicles and an area for motorcycles. There are spaces reserved for the disabled


The following services and companies operate 24 hours of the day

The José María Córdova International Airport.
The schedule of national and international docks.
The firehouse.

Companies for the supply of fuel.
Inspection of persons, goods, cargo and mail.

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